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Brand: Produits Neptune
Product Code: OR54A

Produits Neptune - Orphee - 2 Person Corner Drop-in Bathtub with Activ-Air Jets - 54" x 54"


Thanks to its practical and functional design, the Entrepreneur collection is the perfect choice for all your projects, whether you are building or renovating. Made of high-quality acrylics, the collection includes a variety of products in a clean and timeless style. 

The Orphee is a luxurious looking tub with two very comfortable backrests and surrounds the bathers with sumptuous curves for a relaxing getaway for two. For an even more enjoyable experience, Produits Neptune offers the tub with whirlpool systems, Activ-air jets, or a combination of both.

Activ-air massage system recreates the stimulating effect of bathing in the oxygenated water of rapids. As a gentle and soothing swirl, the activ-air system maximizes wellness and relaxation. Customize the experience by adjusting the intensity,


  • Acrylic thermoformed and reinforced with fiberglass
  • Gloss finish resistant to stains and discoloration
  • Adjustable legs
  • Activ-Air System offers a gentle and soothing swirl of hydro massage
  • Other Massage Systems and accessories are available. Click here for more details

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